Square bipolar high voltage pulses for resistive type loads, including application of Electric Fields to Cells such as Electroporation and Dielectrophoresis
Product based on semiconductor Marx generator with reliable and robust functioning during normal operation and following an electrical breakdown. Delivers very flexible pulse protocols and it's easily changed from a PC interface that includes pulse diagnostics.

Cutting edge and robust technology delivering square
bipolar high voltage pulses up to +/- 5kV
  • Voltage up to 5kV
  • Electric current up to 50A
  • Pulse width from 500 ns to 10 µs
  • Number of pulses per second up to 1,000
  • Short-circuit protected
  • 200W Output Power
  • 110-230 Vac Input
  • 19'' size box
  • Remote diagnostic tool and spare parts
Typical 500kHz burst operation on a 100ohm load:

- Current 25 A/div
- Time-scale 2.5microseconds/div

Our solutions value to several industrial sectors
such as Food processing, Clean-tech,
Biomedical and Technology
Rafael Davalos
Professor at Virginia Tech
The custom built pulse generator provided by EnergyPulse Systems has exceeded our expectations and enabled us to push the envelope with our research in cellular biophysics. Also, their customer service is excellent.
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